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Community Engagement

Our community engagement projects are being setup to enable residents, young and old to access services that they may require. Some of these are in conjunction with the biglocal. We are also engaging with local businesses, to put more wide spread events on. —————————————————————For more information please use the contact form at the bottom of this page

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Low cost Gardening

We have recently set up this arm of our business, to enable residents who are unable to maintain their gardens, need a bit of expertise in dealing with a problem garden or just need to borrow some tools to get the job done. —————————————————————For more information please use the contact form at the bottom of this page

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Outdoor leisure

We look to secure grants from various places to enable us to create more services that we can then offer our residents. We currently lease both Stamford boating lake and Chadwick Dam and we are looking to provide more boats and pedalos also canoes and kayaks. Further to this bicycles and other activities in and around the area

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Ridge hill Angling

Ridgehill Enterprises took over Ridgehill Angling club January 2017. We are rebuilding the fishing pegs around Chadwick Dam and also enabling disabled anglers to be able to enjoy the sport in comfort too.


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To contact us about volunteering within the community please click the button below.

About Us

A business for your community
Developing areas of natural beauty

We have recently taken a 25 year lease for Stamford Boating Lake and Chadwick Dam. Our vision is to re-develop these areas of natural beauty to create a community nature reserve for all. Boating will return to Stamford Boating lake with all proceeds raised put back into our community for years to come. Chadwick Dam area will be rejuvenated back to its former glory, enabling fishing , nature walks, dog walking. running and family picnics in area of natural beauty. We hope to create a nature area for all, holding events for all, and providing a venue to all. We support the vision of Ridge Hill Big Local. A business for your community and beyond, together; all we raise and do will benefit all. Community is at the heart of our business Ridgehill-enterprises is a social enterprise business set up by Ridge Hill Big Local with the aim of creating projects and activities which support, motivate and inspire our local community and beyond. Together we can create a business to benefit our community and beyond. If you would like to know more or wish to be involved with our exciting venture(s)

  • Community is at the heart of ridgehill Enterprises, everything we plan everything we do, community is at the core

  • The area of Stalybridge has masses of natural beauty, we plan on developing these areas, for better accessibility, more outdoor activities and promoting healthy living.

  • We have taken over the angling club, boating lake and Chadwick dam. These area`s are idyllic places to further support our plans

  • We have setup a small low cost gardening enterprise to enable residents keep on top of their gardens and offer help and support if any residents are unable to do it.


Mr John Worral

Director and Founder
John very sadly past away in 2017. We feel it only fitting of the immense amount of time, energy and expertise he brought to the community. John will remain on our website as a fitting tribute as he was a very accomplished graphic and web designer