January 29, 2018


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If you have the time and are able, we are looking for volunteers to help bring the boating lake and Chadwick dam back to its former glory. There`s so much that can be achieved by working together as a community.


If you are looking for something to do on your own or as a family, there are 4 orienteering courses for you to try out. (WHITE) - White is the easiest level of course, suitable for young beginners. (1.9km, 8 controls), a lap round both lakes (YELLOW) -Yellow is slightly longer and harder than White. Controls may be further apart, and are placed at junctions or obvious features. (2.6km, 12 controls) (ORANGE) -Orange courses are of medium difficulty and distance, suitable for adult beginners. (2.8km, 11 controls) (SCORE) -Score courses are where you visit as many controls as you can, in any order you choose. More information can be found at: https://gmoa.org.uk/borough_tameside/silver-springs-orienteering/


The multitude of paths, scenery and woodland make it an ideal location to go explore. Either on your own or with the kids. Walking, cycling or running. Go out there and enjoy whats right on your doorstep.