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All Members must attend at least one of the 4 organised work parties carried out throughout the year, 

Membership Payments

*Please supply 2 passport photo for your membership card and your current rod license, if no license is provided this will slow down your membership request*

Payments to be made on application, by cash or cheques made payable to Ridge Hill Big Local Enterprises.
Payments can be in made instalments, please contact Karen Rees-Unwin to discuss.
Please contact either Rob Bishop or Karen Rees-Unwin to return your application.

Club Rules

  • Three rods may be used on the water, as long as you stay within the boundaries of your swim and have the relevant rod licence/licences to do so.
  • All fish must be returned to the water. Any persons found to be taking fish from this water, will be banned for life, and will be prosecuted by the club
  • No fish to be stocked without prior permission. Any persons found stocking fish without permission will be banned from the club; this can lead to the transmitting of diseases.
  • If fishing for carp or pike suitable unhooking mats and landing nets are essential, no mat no fishing. Landing nets must be a suitable size for the species you are targeting.
  • You must fish within the confines of your own swim, and where both banks are pegged, you must not cast beyond the middle.
  • You may only fish from the pegs provided on the water, no persons must fish within the areas set aside for the refuge and safety of fish and wild life, these areas are clearly marked.
  • Excessive use of groundbait is prohibited. (Polecup/feeder)
  • You must not leave or stray from your peg, while you have any baited rods in the water.
  • You must use the official access points at all times, and be expected to ask non-members to leave the grounds of the water.
  • NO FIRES to be lit on the grounds of the water, anyone found lighting fires will be banned for life. (except during work parties ).
  • Radios are allowed as long they are used with common sense, and are not a nuisance to other members or the general public. Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Dogs are allowed on the water, as long as they are tied up at the peg you are using, and are not causing a nuisance.
  • NO KEEPNETS apart from official matches, keepnets will be dipped before and after the matches.
  • ALL LITTER MUST BE REMOVED, any persons found littering the water will be banned from the water.
  • Any anglers found vandalising the clubs facilities will be excluded from the club and if deemed necessary reported to the Police.
  • Fishing times will be 24hours per day, and 7 days a week, except on match days, when the water will be closed from 6am till weigh in.
  • When answering the call of nature be discrete at all times.
  • Anyone found intoxicated, drink/drugs; will be asked to leave the water immediately and reported to the committee.
  • Throughout the year all members will be invited to volunteer to assist in the day to day running of the Boating Lake. DBS checks will be obtained.
Club Rules need to be Accepted in order for your membership to be Approved.
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