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Boating Lake

This weekend it has been reported to us that some of our anglers have been subjected to abuse from young people in the area. The land has also been damaged.

We as a club and business do not tolerate this type of treatment of our anglers and land.

Please all be vigilent and if possible gain evidence of anyone who is responsible. Only at this stage can we take anything further

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1 month ago

Tom Nazari

Milano ...

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Ridgehill enterprises would like to announce that through a successful funding bid from us through the angling trust outdoor maintenance scheme and assistance from Roy Hopwood limited we have resurfaced the boating lake path on the hospital side. Perfect for an outdoor family walk on beautiful days like today . Xx ...

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Happy new year Please also could we ask Would it be possible for those that have experienced our lakes to message us a positive sentance about your experiences. We are hoping to write more community grants this year and endorsement sentances would be really helpful thankyou ...

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