24th January 2018


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Tina Howarth

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Stamford Park Boating Lake will be open as follows over the main 5 weeks summer holidays:

From the 29th of July until the 1st of September

Closed every Monday

Pedalos and Rowing Boats

Open 12-5 everyday including Saturday and Sunday for pedalos and rowing boats (all ages)


We will be open 1:30 till 3:30pm every Saturday and Sunday for zorbing (age 10 upwards)

We will also have zorbing available 1:30 till 3:30pm every Thursday and Friday from the week beginning the 6th of August until the week ending the 25th of August.

looking forward to a fun summer
xxx ...

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5 days ago

Tina Howarth

Can I have an email so can send Karen some photos please ...

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Stamford Park Boating Lake will be open Monday to Friday from the 8th of July to the 19th of July from 10:15am to 2:15pm (weather permitting). Supporting the young men of West Hill school with their work experience

Open as usual 12 till 5pm at weekend.
Be great to see u xx ...

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1 month ago

Joanne Hughes

How much fun does this look 😍😍 x ...

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19th July 2019


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31st January 2018

History of Stamford boating lake

Historical image of Stamford boating lake

We are currently building a history surrounding Stamford boating lake, Chadwick Dam and its surrounding area.
We already have some images courtesy of Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre who have very kindly allowed us to use the images of Stamford boating lake and Chadwick dam.

To enable us to build a as much detail into this as possible we would love to hear your stories, background knowledge and any historical facts you are aware of covering the area of Stamford boating lake and Chadwick dam, also if you have any images that you would be willing to share we would very much appreciate it, you can send photographs and historical text via email to historical@ridgehill-enterprises.co.uk.

Also if you would like to share your own personal memories of the boating lake or Chadwick dam it would be very much appreciated too.
We will accredit you with any images or text you supply.


Many thanks
Technical Director

27th January 2018

Fishing Rod Licences

Hello all,

Environment Agency Fishing Rod Licence example image

Environment Agency Fishing Rod Licence

We currently have a link on our Ridgehill angling page which directs you to the post office`s website to buy or renew your fishing rod licences.
I have just noticed on their site that the Post Office no longer sells Rod  licences online on behalf of the Environment Agency.
I take that to mean that you can still go into a post office and buy one though… ?????


Ridgehill Enterprises


23rd January 2018

New Year, New website, new beginnings


Hi everyone, we are rebuilding our Ridgehill Enterprises new website currently.
There is lots going on behind the scenes at Ridgehill Enterprises, now that Chadwick Dam has been dug out and has refilled, we can make a start on restocking, landscaping and building new fishing pegs (To name but a few).


We`re always looking out for volunteers to offer their support, even as directors of the company we don’t get paid… ( we must be mad), we do it because we are passionate about the area and any monies we make are ploughed back into the area.

  • We`ll have galleries of work that’s been / being done, information on the Chads and Stamford boating lake.
  • Memberships for our very own fishing club.
    • Information as to how to join Ridgehill Angling Club, how and where to purchase a rod licence.
  • You`ll be able to see what is happening on our social media sites directly from our website, thereby even if you don’t use social media you`ll be kept up-to-date.We`ve got loads we want to do. Stay tuned ..Many thanks
    Ridgehill Enterprises

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