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Dr. Karen Rees Unwin
Managing Director
Karen Rees-Unwin is the volunteer managing director of Ridgehill Enterprises. Karen has been the driving force in setting up the business, the business account and obtaining the 25 year lease for our land. Whilst working part time as a Research Associate (Karen has a PhD in Molecular biology)
Karen has used her developed skills as a project manager, financial manager and grant writer, to set up, financially manage our business and to obtain funds. Over the 3 days a week Karen supports the business, she alongside managing the business aspect, line manages the full time and casual members of staff. Karen has brokered meetings with the respective Chief Executive Officers for Tameside Council (Steven Pleasant) and Tameside Hospital (Karen Graham) to explore working collaboratively, and how we can support each other. She has helped to give us credibility and standing, by developing this relationship with the two CEO’s, and sharing with them our long term vision for our community spaces that we are responsible for.
Ms. Janet Jackson
Supporting finances Director
Having served the community of Ridge Hill for 8 years I have seen a deprived area becoming more diverse and in need of services. The Big Local is changing the direction of travel by providing holiday clubs, youth activities etc. but the social enterprise has been its greatest success and its legacy. Residents in the area more than any other part I represent have more complex needs; health is an issue and life expectancy is 5 years lower than other parts of the borough, unemployment and disability is high.

My ethos is to assist, support and drive policy forward for the betterment of the community I serve and in doing so - make a difference.
Mr. Rob Bishop
Community Engagement Officer

Rob Bishop is the Community Engagement Officer for our business and since beginning his role in January of 2017 has been instrumental in enabling both the business aspect and the physical aspect of the lakes to come together.  Rob has skills in land management, boat management and working with subcontractors, volunteers and young people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours. He has already established excellent working relationships with nationally recognised organisations such as the Environment Agency and The Angling Trust, local councils, relevant local businesses and other similar nature reserves.  He has also project management skills from previous roles working within schools to develop units to support young people with behavioural problems. He has proven himself to be more than capable to work within strict time lines with minimal supervision. His time management and record keeping are of a high standard.  Rob has been working at the boating lake since opening in 2017 and is trained in water skills and has obtained several LANTRA certificates. He has experience working within the guidelines of managing safety within the work place, RIDDOR/COSH.  Alongside our lead director, Rob uses his skills and is a point of contact to enable the development of the business at all stages.

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