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New Year, New website, new beginnings


Hi everyone, we are rebuilding our Ridgehill Enterprises new website currently.
There is lots going on behind the scenes at Ridgehill Enterprises, now that Chadwick Dam has been dug out and has refilled, we can make a start on restocking, landscaping and building new fishing pegs (To name but a few).


We`re always looking out for volunteers to offer their support, even as directors of the company we don’t get paid… ( we must be mad), we do it because we are passionate about the area and any monies we make are ploughed back into the area.

  • We`ll have galleries of work that’s been / being done, information on the Chads and Stamford boating lake.
  • Memberships for our very own fishing club.
    • Information as to how to join Ridgehill Angling Club, how and where to purchase a rod licence.
  • You`ll be able to see what is happening on our social media sites directly from our website, thereby even if you don’t use social media you`ll be kept up-to-date.We`ve got loads we want to do. Stay tuned ..Many thanks
    Ridgehill Enterprises

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